PROTESOL F Hydrolised Food Gelatine

Gelatine Hydrolysate, which is also goes under the names of hydrolysed gelatine, collagen peptides and collagen protein, is sourced from the connective tissue of pigs and cattle. Its main ingredient is denatured and hydrolysed collagen. 

PROTESOL F Food Gelatine Hydrolysate is a functional ingredient used in many foods such as:

  • yoghurts
  • cold desserts
  • fruit jellies 
  • puddings 
  • cheesecakes 
  • panna cotta
  • mousse 
  • creams 
  • broths 
  • sausages

PROTESOL F gelatine is made from hydrolysed gelatine, in other words from gelatine that has been broken down by water. On immersion in an enzyme bath, the gelatine’s natural protein chains are severed, and the substance that remains dissolves instantly in hot or cold liquids.
The hydrolysate forms a gel-like substance that is easier for our bodies to absorb and digest.