The products manufactured by Juncà Gelatines comply with all those quality standards endorsed by the ISO 9001:2008 certification. 

Juncà Gelatines S.L. first selects quality raw materials before processing them in accordance with current European regulations. Our manufacturing procedures have been configured to comply with the specific food legislation rulings of each country in the European Community. 

At Juncà Gelatines, regular external and internal audits ensure that the quality system we have established is implemented in all its stages. The principal and comprehensive aim of Juncà Gelatines is that of client satisfaction, which we ensure through a service that meets with their individual expectations.

Quality Control

The Quality Control System established in Juncà Gelatines is based on the total monitoring of all stages in the manufacturing process, beginning with the delivery of raw materials, to the manufacture of each final product. 

Our Quality Control System comprises the registration and verification of each and every one of the operations performed in the manufacture of all the gelatine batches we produce. This procedure allows traceability to be controlled, while guaranteeing compliance with legal and individual client specifications. 

Our laboratory technicians analyse the organoleptic properties of the products, their physical-chemical characteristics and their microbiological conformity. This procedure is performed by submitting all products to a thorough and complete quality standards test.

Guaranteed Safety

The gelatine we produce is suitable for a wide range of uses in both pharmaceutical and food applications, as it complies with specific standards on the physical, chemical and microbiological qualities that are required in the final product. Furthermore, the gelatine we produce specifically for the pharmaceutical industry is certified in compulsory procedures by the EDQM (the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and Health Services).

Sustainable Production Processes 

Sustainability in production is an important point in all the processes that we put into effect. Our concerns lie with the areas of both ecological and economic sustainability. We use raw materials from verified sources that place us within a circular economy.

The Circular Economy

The raw materials we use to produce our beef gelatine are sourced from specific by-products from the meat industry, and as such, natural and renewable resources. This is explains why our supply chain fits perfectly into the concept of the circular economy, where nothing is thrown away. 

Within the value chain of downstream industries, beef gelatine production creates value for the entire community, by converting otherwise unwanted by-products into higher-value protein products. In a single stroke, this production process reduces environmental impact and improves both the social and the economic dimension of this industry. Gelatine is therefore a product with a positive impact on global sustainability and is part of the circular economy.