At Juncà Gelatines we currently offer a wide range of gelatines and collagen hydrolysates. 

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The Properties of Neutral Gelatine

What is Gelatine? What are its properties? 

Gelatine is a mixture of animal proteins. With respect to mainly bovine and porcine gelatine, and their applications our main clients are the food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. Our gelatine is neutral, and this means that it provides only benefits in all those formulas, recipes and blends in which it is used as a container, to encapsulate.

The properties of bovine and porcine gelatine are too numerous to list, however, by way of example, the characteristics of gelatine allow it to:

  • Gel 
  • Thicken 
  • Stabilize 
  • Absorb air 
  • Adhere (adhesive properties) 
  • Emulsify 
  • Form film (film-forming properties) 
  • Agglutinate 
  • Retain moisture

Gelatine is also compatible with other hydrocolloids. This means that it can be used to modify food texture in a broad range of applications.  Furthermore, its use in solid-form drugs (capsules, sugared pills, tablets) is now a fundamental part of today’s pharmaceutical products. Single-dose medications in rigid gelatine capsules, combined with powders or granules, are an everyday product in the modern world.

Types of Gelatine and how to choose them

What is known as the ‘’Bloom value’’ is used to differentiate between types of gelatine, this unit measures gel resistance.

The gelling power of gelatine is measured using an instrument called a gelometer. The value assigned to a specific gelatine product corresponds to the weight in grams that it can support. The Bloom value is defined as the weight measured in grams that, when placed on a 12.7 mm diameter piston-type plunger, lowers the gel surface by 4 mm.

How many Types of Gelatine are there?

The different types are usually divided into three categories – gold, silver and bronze. These classes are defined in accordance with their corresponding Bloom strength:

  • Type A gelatine A (gold) – Bloom strength of 200-280.
  • Type B gelatine A (silver) – Bloom strength of 160-200.
  • Type C gelatine A (bronze) – Bloom strength of 130-160.

The stronger the gelling power, or the higher the Bloom strength, the less gelatine is required in the preparation of the final product’s recipe ingredients, and as a result, the faster the gelling speed.

What is 200 Bloom Gelatine?

Having established the Bloom strength categories, it follows that type A Gelatine, which is made from bones and skins of porcine origin has a greater gelling power. 

At strengths of up to 220-240 Bloom, gelatine requires 5 parts of water, while once above this figure it can be hydrated with 6 parts of water. 

A Bloom strength of 260 indicates a product that forms solutions with a high level of transparency, light in colour and free of any tastes and smells. A gelatine product with these characteristics is well-suited for the majority of food applications, such as dairy, confectionery, desserts, beverages, and meat products.

Juncà Gelatine Products

The products we manufacture are highly versatile, they are also totally odourless, colourless and tasteless. The application of the ISO 9001:2008 quality certification process means that we are able to guarantee high-level products as a result of the quality management systems that we implement and use every day.