Over 50 years of history alongside food and pharmaceutical industry 

During the 50 year production history of Juncà Gelatines we have been developing and optimizing our manufacturing technology and increasing quality standards. We listen to our clients to find out what they need and offer solutions with a direct impact on production processes in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Quality, Flexibility and Service

Juncà Gelatine is proud of its close-knit team, one that combines the experience of staff who have been with the company over time with new members whose ingenuity opens the way to updating our products and processes to the needs of new generations and new clients. This means guaranteed services and products for all our customers. Our team of young professionals works to produce the finest hydrolysed collagen. We seek to meet the needs of our customers by offering high quality, flexibility and service.

The finest quality raw material for hydrolysed collagen 

We invest in the best raw materials available to produce hydrolysed collagen.

Our Business Strategy

  • Sustainable growth from profit reinvestment 
  • Consolidation and expansion in our main manufacturing gelatine and collagen hydrolysates activities 
  • Comprehensive improvement of all products and services 
  • Commitment to diversification and innovation through development and research 
  • Tailor-made products 
  • Flexibility in service

A Synergy of Three: Juncà, Lapi Gelatine and Dispro Invest

In 2021, Gelatinas Juncà became a sister company of Lapi Gelatine Spa and Dispro Invest. The three companies not only share an important history in the manufacture and distribution of gelatine and collagen, they also possess the same values in terms of high quality and safety standards for their 100% European products. 

Lapi Gelatine, which is based in Tuscany, Italy, manufactures and sells a full range of bovine and fish gelatine, in addition to collagen peptides. The company has an extensive distribution network, and is active in 52 countries worldwide. 

Dispro Invest is a modern and dynamic family-owned holding of companies present in 4 continents with 20 facilities all over the world. The holding is not only focused on the manufacture and distribution of Life Science products, but also invests in real estate and startups with a clear focus on innovation & technology.

Our Story

The history of Juncà Gelatines is a story of effort, determination and teamwork, it is the history of pioneering gelatine manufacturers in Spain. 

The company was created by the brothers Salvador, Enric and Josep Juncà in 1947, who saw the future of manufacturing food products sourced from animal collagen. 

During the 1950s, Juncà Gelatines entered the food gelatine market with products of sheep and bovine origin. 

In the 1960s, Juncà Gelatines swiftly grew to become the second-largest gelatine production factory in Spain. 

During the 1980s, Juncà Gelatines began using pig hide among its raw materials for gelatine production. The company also began to manufacture collagen hydrolysate at this time, which was a new natural ingredient in the food industry.

During the 1990s, Mariona Juncà, Salvador Juncà and Miquel Juncà gradually took control of company management. During this decade the company launched its commitment to innovation. New materials were studied and introduced in order to diversify the product range, and a new focus emerged, centring on marine origin ingredients: fish gelatine, fish hydrolysates and fish extracts. 

This era also saw the emergence of the company’s internationalization process, especially at a European level. Products were successfully marketed to leading confectionery manufacturers, as well as other sectors in the food industry. 

At the dawn of the century, Juncà Gelatines modernised and optimised their manufacturing system in order to meet the environmental criteria of the LIFE project.

In 2005, Juncà Gelatines signed an agreement with the FDG Group with the aim of developing new dietary supplements with high added value. 

This initiative led to the creation of a new range of collagen hydrolysates, which were specially designed for dietary applications – Protesol D. 

The collagen hydrolysates manufactured by Juncà Gelatines have high levels of purity, and their daily consumption has numerous health benefits. 

In 2021, Juncà was acquired by Lapi Gelatine and Dispro Invest, in a move that created a European hub for both gelatine and hydrolysed collagen products. 

Today, Juncà Gelatines continues to focus its efforts on obtaining higher yields, improving productivity and perfecting the quality of its products. 

Client satisfaction remains the main business objective at Juncà Gelatines; this is a high-value priority that ensures company success and a long-term future.