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Gelatine and Hydrolysed Collagen Products

Welcome you to the new Juncà Gelatine website. Our family business has been dedicated to the manufacture of high quality gelatine and collagen hydrolysates since 1947, when the company was founded. Our production facilities are located in Catalonia, in the town of Banyoles, in the province of Girona (Spain). 

Junca Gelatines has steadily grown to become a name of reference in the sector thanks our rigorous selection of raw materials and closely-monitored manufacturing processes, and especially in those industries where jellies provide added value in terms of texture, consistency, firmness, fragrance and options for final consumer use. Our primary focus centres on the food processing and manufacturing industries for people (cheese and dairy products, desserts and sweets) and for pets. We also make products for the diet-nutrition, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Since 2021, Juncà has come to form part of a larger family. Together with Lapi Gelatine and Dispro Invest, which are two other renowned companies in the production of gelatine and collagen, we form one of the largest groups in both Europe and the world in this sector. 

Our products also have complementary relationships with those of our new sister companies.

More information about Juncà


We offer a wide range of gelatines and collagen hydrolysates of the highest quality, together with food and pharmaceutical gelatine, and hydrolysed gelatine and dietary collagen.


We offer specific gelatines for applications in multiple sectors: gastronomy, dairy products, the meat industry, beverage manufacturers and many others.

Certified Quality

The products manufactured by Juncà Gelatinas meet all the quality standards endorsed by the ISO 9001:2015 and FSSC 22000 certification criteria.


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Our team of young professionals works every day to search for optimum solutions based on the specific needs of each client. We offer the highest quality hydrolysed gelatine, and provide flexible terms and conditions with respect to production methods and deadlines.

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