Dietary Collagen Hydrolysate PROTESOL D Hidrolizado de Colágeno Dietético PROTESOL D

Collagen hydrolysate is a totally natural nutrient.
PROTESOL D Dietary Collagen hydrolysate is characterized by its organoleptic neutrality, its high level of purity and its microbiological quality.

In terms of its use and application, that is its benefits for end customers, the continued intake of this product improves joint function and overall health quality, to name just two of its many properties. With respect to the food and pharmaceutical industries, among the most important of its characteristics, is its ability to gel, thicken, stabilize, foam and absorb water molecules.

Protesol D for Beauty and Wellbeing

Proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins are the basic components of our diet. Hydrolysed collagen is a pure protein that is sourced from raw materials that contain collagen, and its special properties make it a high-value food from a nutritional standpoint. Just to start with, hydrolysed collagen is a high-quality protein source that does not contain either cholesterol or sugars. It practically contains no fat at all, it is easily digested by the human body, and no known cases of allergies have been reported.

The fact that hydrolysed gelatine provides far more functionality than any other hydrocolloid makes it a key resource in the design of specific formulations. Bovine and porcine gelatine are in fact often used to replace several monofunctional hydrocolloids in the same application, thus simplifying formulation and contributing to easier, clearer labelling for final product sales. 

Collagen hydrolysates also play an important role in dietary products. Based on current knowledge, high-protein diets are considered to be more consumer-friendly, as they promote satiety and reduce total food intake. The unique properties of hydrolysed collagen, plus the fact that it does not provoke allergic reactions explain its use as a widespread ingredient in the production of dietary powders and bars.

Protesol D for Controlling Weight Gain: Dietary Products

Hydrolysed collagen is used as a nutritional supplement in nutritional beverages and sports drinks, in cereal bars, functional drinks and technical formulations for sports and slimming, due to its versatility and physical qualities. It is especially useful in the manufacture of dietary preparations and beverages with a high nutritional value.